Point of Sale, INGAGE IT

Point of Sale

+ Everything Else 

First-Class POS combined with our suite of smart automation tools.

Fast order entry from POS handhelds and POS terminals.

Easily edit and make updates from anywhere, anytime.

Customizable reports and business intelligence.

Cloud-based architecture with Offline mode & back-ups.

Fast and secure payments in-store & online. 

Managed Services

Network Automation

Our managed network service ensures your key business systems have the connectivity they need.

  • PCI compliant network
  • Secure your business systems from outside threats
  • Smart 4G Failover to keep your business always running
  • High-speed managed Wi-Fi optimized for your business & your guests
  • Smart routing keeps your systems working fast, without lag


Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Automation

Food shouldn’t die in the window. Automate your order preparation to serve guests a great experience.


  • Turn tables faster with improved cook times
  • Improve guest experience with everyone’s food arriving at the same time and the right temperature.
  • Easily see the entire kitchen’s orders and manage traffic at the Expo
  • Improve your processes and efficiency with business intelligence & reporting
  • Train new kitchen staff faster and with less kitchen experience or education.

Point of Sale


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24/7 Support

We staff round-the-clock to ensure you have help when you need it most.

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Local Service

Our team lives and works in our community. We know and appreciate our industry and we’re here to help you succeed.

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We know the Restaurant Business

We are former owners, managers, servers, and bartenders. We know what it takes to run not just any business, but the restaurant business

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Certified Experts

We have certified and accredited staff in point-of-sale, information technology, payments, and more.

About Us

Get To Know Our Solutions

What integration capabilities does your POS system offer?

Our POS system is built with a wide range of applications, including integrated payments, kitchen display, and online ordering and more. We offer a comprehensive solution not just for POS, but for all of your technology needs.

How does this help me improve service?

Our solutions streamline operations from order taking to payment processing, allowing staff to focus more on customer interaction. Features like tableside ordering and mobile payments enhance the dining experience by offering speed, convenience, and personalization.

What support and training do you provide for your systems?

We offer 24/7 technical support and comprehensive in-person training for you and your staff to ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing excellence. We’re always available with phone support, online resources, and more.

Can your system handle high-volume transactions during peak hours?

Yes, our technology is designed to manage high-volume transactions efficiently, ensuring fast and reliable service even during your restaurant’s busiest hours. Our systems are scalable to grow with your business and maintain performance under pressure.

How do you ensure data security and compliance?

Our systems comply with the latest security standards, including PCI DSS, to protect sensitive customer data, often using end-to-end encryption and tokenization for data integrity and security. We’re always staying up to speed on changes impacting small business – from legal & regulatory, to compliance, security, and just best practices.


“I get excellent service with INGAGE. I feel as though I’m their number-one customer. Having a partner like that can make all the difference in the world for a small business.

Carol Gregory

Owner | Keys Cafe & Bakery