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QuickBooks® & NetSuite® Integrations
Automatic Email & Text Reminders
Improve Cash Flow

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Accounting Friendly

Designed to make collecting your money smarter, faster, and more enjoyable.


  • Keep Your Accounting Software
  • Improve Customer Communication
  • Automate Reminders & Collections
  • Save Time Invoicing & Accounting
  • Improve DSO & Cash Flow
  • Improve Net Income
  • Onboard New Customers w/ Automation

Ideal Agent® uses INGAGE iPay to automate invoices.


One of America’s leading Real Estate companies, Ideal Agent® uses INGAGE iPay to power their invoice and cash flow automation.

iPay allows Ideal Agent to deliver invoices faster and more accurately, keeping accounting information in near real-time. The complex world of real estate transactions often delays invoicing or forces invoice changes after delivery – INGAGE iPay provides a fast, simple way to invoice on time, make changes instantly, and allows agents to pay their way by Card or ACH.

…adapt to our needs and execute it beautifully.

INGAGE has been super responsive to our ever-evolving needs. When you work with a company you want them to be more than reliable, you want them to partner with you – INGAGE does exactly that. We have been thrilled with their willingness to adapt to our needs and execute it beautifully.

Bret B.

Co-Founder & COO, Ideal Agent®

ipay™ for Quickbooks® & Netsuite´

Never Resend an Invoice

Our total-sync integration gives you the power to control your workflows with customers, invoices, and payments all from your computer or phone.

Near-Real Time

We call this Total-Sync, so you can rest assured that your payment methods, terms, customer information, invoices, and payment records are all automatically connected.

Email & Text* Reminders

Email & Text* reminders are sent automatically at intervals you decide, so you can set it and forget it. *SMS plan required.


Let your customers pay their way! Accept all major credit cards. Now you can offset card fees by applying a surcharge* to your card transactions.

Quick Funding

When a customer makes a payment, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Access your cash quickly to maintain cash flow and keep growing the business.

Secure & Reliable

Our online platform system is designed to be easy and intuitive for your customers to use, available whenever they’re online 24/7.

The Customer is in Control

Customers can view, pay, and download invoices and receipts at anytime from their online portal. Now, your customer is in control of their data. And you get your time back!

*Surcharging not available in MA or CT. May not apply to debit or prepaid transactions. Program requirements and card brand rules apply.


Simple Payments

Our standalone payment terminal is great for simple payments applications that don’t need Point-of-Sale functionality or Invoicing integrations.

  • Accept all major card brands
  • Includes our payment device
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Get your money deposited the very Next Day

*next day funding requires batch close by 7pm or 9pm EST.

Improve Your Cashflow Today

The average customer improves cash flow nearly $40,000 per year.
*based on avg. $1.2M sales

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Automated A/R for QuickBooks® and NetSuite®. Set your invoicing, payments, and reconciliation on auto-pilot

Simple Payments

Standalone, non-integrated payments for simple applications.


Integrated payment solutions for Point-of-Sale and eCommerce applications.



Have a software solution that needs payments?

We can help you power your solution with automated payment technlogy.

…consistently over-deliver

INGAGE has been our processing and integration partner for over two years, and they have been amazing to work with. They consistently over-deliver with business creativity and their customer service is unbeatable!

Rick J.

Sr. Director, EleVia


Can I create invoices from scratch?

Yes, you can create invoices in iPay or you may continue to create them inside your existing QuickBooks® Online® or NetSuite® platform.

A/R teams love that they don’t have to change their current process while on-the-go entrepreneurs often perfer to do everything outside of the accounting software.

Do I have to manually import/export data?

No. Unlike some of our competitors, iPay automatically synchronizes all of your data in near real-time without the need for any user intervention. We call this process Total-Sync™.

Can customers pay from any device? Phone/Computer?

Yes. Your customer portal is available on any web-connected device, such as phone, tablet, and computer. Our team has designed your site to look and feel great across all major platforms such as iPhone®, Android®, Windows® and Mac®.

Do I control the emails and late notices?

Absolutely. We have many options available for invoice communication including email content customization, dynamic fields (such as name, invoice #, or balance due) along with custom cadences for email delivery, follow-up, past-due notices, and collections efforts. You’re in full control and can make changes anytime.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

No. QuickBooks® Online® integrations are contract-free. Plans are annual with monthly payment options.

NetSuite® integrations require upfront customization and integration, so a contract is required.